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                          ABOUT THE DOCUMENTARY

964,000 Americans used meth in 2017. It is so bad that even some 8thgraders are currently using meth, and some of our youths have died as a result of meth addiction! Unfortunately, some of the videos out there, rather than dissuade people from meth use, actually seem to teach how to make and use meth. This documentary takes a new approach to educating people on the bad effects of meth. It brings professionals together to analyze the harmful effects of meth in a manner that youths will understand. The quality of production is very high, informative, and entertaining.

With this video, we intend to fight drug addiction from the demand side, and also dissuade the youths from getting involved in illicit drug use through proper education and information. However, if the video is posted on youtube, people may not watch it, but if played in schools, hospitals, rehabilitation homes, and libraries, people may be encouraged to watch and gain understanding from it. Hence the need for making duplications for distribution.

We intend to make about 100,000 copies or more and distribute free to schools, hospitals, rehab homes, and other places capable of creating a positive social impact in communities. Funds raised will be used for duplication, distribution, to recover costs of production, and, possibly produce further documentaries.